Shivering After Emotions?

Illustration of Shivering After Emotions?
Illustration: Shivering After Emotions?

I want to ask. Every time I feel hurt because there is a problem or fight with my friends, then I have a debate. I wonder why? This case always happens if I’m feeling hurt or worried

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Basically shivering can occur because the body's muscles that contract and relax quickly and unconsciously (involuntary). Generally shivering occurs when you feel cold either because the room temperature is low or because you are experiencing a fever (so the room temperature feels relatively lower than it actually is). However, chills can also occur due to other causes, one of which is when you are experiencing a high emotional overflow. Shivering when you feel high emotions (too happy, too angry, too scared, or too stressed) can be caused by a sudden increase in the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone that is released when someone is facing a situation that is stressful, very exciting, dangerous, or frightening.

This increase in the hormone adrenaline can cause a variety of physiological effects on the body, one of which is a shivering body. Other effects that can occur include increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, sweating, increased sensory response, decreased pain, etc.

The symptoms you feel are quite normal symptoms, but if it is very disturbing, you can try to control your emotions and try to relax in various situations. You can do relaxation exercises regularly such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, or do meditation. If you have difficulty to relieve your emotions that are overflowing, you can also consult directly with a psychologist for further therapy.

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