Shivering But Not Accompanied By Fever And The Head Feels Heavy?

Illustration of Shivering But Not Accompanied By Fever And The Head Feels Heavy?
Illustration: Shivering But Not Accompanied By Fever And The Head Feels Heavy?

Good morning, I want to ask. Yesterday I did my assignment from 7 am to 12 noon, then continued from 8 pm to 11 pm. The next day my body shivered and my head was very heavy, even though I had not used the air conditioner or fan during sleep. What could be the cause? thank you

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There are complaints of chills, severe head but no fever, after you carry out the task on an ongoing basis, this condition may be triggered by your physical fatigue and intake of energy or food that does not enter your body optimally. Often individuals who are doing work in full or being busy are not accompanied by adequate eating according to time and balanced rest, so that the energy needed by your body to work and think more than usual but is not matched by optimal food consumption or adequate rest . Things like this can trigger the body is required to work more but do not pay attention to the risks that might occur.

In addition to chills and a heavy head, several other accompanying complaints can also be felt, such as abdominal discomfort, bloating, frequent belching, drowsiness, heavy eyes, trembling to nausea and vomiting if not treated as early as possible.

If you do activities that are quite strenuous or your activities require more time and energy, then some things you also need to pay attention to, so you can do the task or activity well, such as:

Inadequate sleep and rest needs, if you are tired, stop some time to restore your stamina
Inadequate need for nutritious food and drink, don't eat too late, so that your condition remains good and stable
avoid spicy foods, instant foods, and greasy foods while on duty, in order to prevent the risk of health complaints because of foods that may not be suitable for you to consume while doing errands
enough light in your room when on duty
Avoid smoking and alcohol when consuming
do light exercise during heavy tasks, so that your circulatory system remains good in meeting the needs of oxygen and nutrients

Besides being caused by physical fatigue and suboptimal food intake, several other medical conditions can also trigger complaints that you feel, such as:

ganggaun blood pressure
hypoglycemia or your sugar level is lower than normal
early symptoms of illness, such as strep throat or runny nose
inflammation of the middle or inner ear
indigestion or stomach disorders

Because the complaint that you feel is not specific to a particular medical condition, evaluation and confirmation is still needed directly by your doctor. This is to help ascertain the cause and prevent this complaint from recurring.

Therefore, visit your doctor for further consultation and examination, because the condition is currently in a state of caution against Corona virus infection, so you should consult via online or telephone, unless your doctor suggests visiting him directly. The doctor will conduct an evaluation and examination to find out the cause, whether it is due to your physical fatigue or other medical conditions above.

The results of the examination will be a reference for your doctor in providing treatment and recovery recommendations for you. Thus your condition will soon improve and recover quickly, without disturbing your daily life.

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