Shivering Due To A Motorcycle Accident.?

Illustration of Shivering Due To A Motorcycle Accident.?
Illustration: Shivering Due To A Motorcycle Accident.?

Night. 3 days ago my nephew had a motorcycle accident with my brother … My niece was 5 years old. Her start was bruised (even though she was wearing a helmet) … what I want to ask, is the body shivering what is the impact of the impact on the forehead or not? Approximately dangerous or not? And what is the most appropriate drug given? Thank you before ..

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Trembling in principle is the body's efforts to increase the temperature. This situation can be caused by several factors such as:

air tends to be cold around people who experience malnutrition low blood sugar levels health problems such as hypothyroid syndrome, infection or laryngitis and malaria excessive anxiety disorder Falling events are not directly related to shaking, but falling from a motorcycle accident can potentially lead to head injuries ranging from degrees from mild to severe.

Minor head injuries are rarely fatal, and symptoms can be felt immediately or several days after. As for some symptoms of mild headaches include: headache, drowsiness, loss of balance and nausea. Whereas moderate and severe head injuries are indicated by more severe symptoms such as spitting vomit, loss of consciousness, amnesia (memory loss), seizures and changes in behavior.

To determine the severity of the injury, the doctor needs to do a direct examination. The shaking conditions experienced lately also need to be ensured that your nephew is not having a seizure, because at first glance it looks similar. When that happens, try to call his name. if the child is still responding, it is far from possible seizures.

for now try to regulate the temperature of your niece's bedroom with a not too cold, use comfortable clothes and blankets, keep the child away from anxiety and if the situation continues then you should immediately see a doctor huh

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