Illustration of Shocked?
Illustration: Shocked?

good morning, I want to ask, my child is 1 year 6 months, he was born prematurely, and the doctor said my child is low in blood sugar, after hospitalization I decided to go home forcibly because there was no cost anymore, my child was different from development in general, now 1 year old 6 months can only crawl and sit, to stand cm can be one of his right feet, the left is like a limp sometimes it can also, and what I’m worried about is he is often surprised for no reason, and even then repeatedly, pausing at least 30 seconds then shocked again, like nodding, for 5 minutes can be less, what is my child actually sick, is this related to the nerves of the brain? please answer, thank you

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Hello Masrul Maulana.

Babies born prematurely usually have several organs that are not yet mature. it can cause various diseases. Problems that are quite common in premature babies are low blood sugar levels, and also problems with the development of the heart or nervous system.

From the situation that your child is experiencing, if your child is often suddenly shocked and nodded for no reason it might be caused by an epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain's electrical charge, it is quite common in premature babies. Epilepsy itself consists of various types and can cause various symptoms. One symptom of this type of epilepsy is that the baby suddenly twitches or makes sudden and unclear contractions.

But other than that, your child's condition can also be caused by other causes such as:

cerebral palsy
peripheral nerve disorders
electrolyte disturbance

Therefore, it is recommended that you immediately check your child directly to the pediatrician's specialist doctor, so that the doctor can examine your condition directly and provide appropriate therapy. don't give any medicine to your child.

The following article you can read about epilepsy

developmental disorders of premature babies

may be useful. thank you

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