Short Baby Relationship With Premature Birth

You see, my baby is now chronologically 7 months (28 weeks), correction age is 6 months (24 weeks). People say my baby is short and not confident. Does that include the impact of late preterm?

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Hello Siti Khadijah,

Premature babies are born at <37 weeks' gestation. Late preterm babies are born at 34-36 weeks' gestation. Late-preterm babies generally have well-developed organs and have a lower risk of developing developmental disorders later in life. Babies generally need special nutrition to catch up with weight gain.

Growth can be judged by body weight, body length, and head circumference. From measurements of body weight, body length, and head circumference the doctor can actually plot into curves according to the age of your baby. Height is a growth parameter that will be affected if there is a condition of chronic malnutrition (the first thing seen is weight). Besides being a nutritional factor, height is also influenced by genetic factors (height of both parents).

Premature babies can still experience catch-up growth and development like babies born at term. Catch up in late preterm babies can occur starting at the age of 6 months. In a medical study, children born at term will have a higher height than children born prematurely. But at the age of 8 years, a group of children born prematurely will have the same height as children born at term and the growth will be the same.

In general, at the age of 6 months (the age of correction) a baby is expected to have a body length of 63-64 cm (varies depending on male or female). His weight ranged from 6-6.5 kg. Observable developments include:

 Able to reach objects given nearby Able to sit without rebuttal Start learning to crawl Start babbling the chest, mama, etc. Patterns of growth and development of each baby is different. Mothers can read about the danger signs that mothers need to be aware of, for example, the baby's head looks very small compared to the baby's head of his age, the crown has closed at the age of 6 months, the movements of the arms and legs are not symmetrical, the arms and legs look very short / disproportionate, infants cannot fix eyes on objects / do not turn when called at 6 months, and so on.

The mother does not need to worry if the child's growth and development are in accordance with the growth and development curve of children aged 6 months. Provide nutrition as needed by children and provide enough stimulation for good development. Provide immunizations according to schedule (consult your doctor during the Covid-19 outbreak when going to a health facility). Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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