Shortness And Congestion In Babies After Changing Formula Milk?

Illustration of Shortness And Congestion In Babies After Changing Formula Milk?
Illustration: Shortness And Congestion In Babies After Changing Formula Milk?

My baby is 1 and a half months old, drinking formula milk + breastfeeding because the milk comes out a little, then my baby has shortness of breath after consuming Bebelove milk, like a stuffy nose but no flu, when I breathe in it feels heavy. After stopping using formula milk, shortness of breath disappeared, but body weight decreased due to less acidity, and replaced hypoallergenic pregistemil milk, vomiting at first, but for the second time shortness of breath arose after consuming pregestimil 3 times. R n r nWhat milk is suitable for my child? r nAnd can pregestimil HA also cause allergies too ?, even though it’s hypoallergenic ..

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Hello Mrs. Elkanah.

Thank you for the question.

Let me ask, was the milk that you gave me the doctor's indication? Then, is the replacement of milk according to the doctor's advice?

Shortness of breath in babies can be caused by many things. Regarding milk, I will try to discuss it. Milk does exist, divided into partial hydrolized milk and extensively hydrolized milk or amino acids. In children who have a history of allergies to their parents and are at risk of developing allergies if they consume ingredients containing cow's milk protein, they are given partial hydrolized milk. While children who have developed allergies (be it redness, itching, shortness of breath, diarrhea) to materials containing cow's milk protein, are given extensively hydrolized milk, also known as hypoallergenic milk. So if the child is allergic to cow's milk protein, the milk replacement is appropriate. However, keep in mind again, cow's milk protein can still pass through the breast milk barrier. So, if the mother still consumes food that contains cow's milk protein, it may still cause allergies for the baby.

As for other causes of shortness of breath babies, including:

Choking or aspiration. The wrong breastfeeding position or putting the baby in a sleeping position without burping first after being given milk will make the baby choke easily (milk through the respiratory tract). So that it causes symptoms of tightness in babies.
Bronchiolitis is a respiratory infection caused by a virus that attacks the lower respiratory tract. Characterized by fever and shortness of breath and a history of allergies in both or one of the parents.
Pneumonia is a respiratory infection caused by bacteria or viruses characterized by fever, cough and shortness of breath. Pneumonia is still the leading cause of death in young infants or infants under 2 months of age.
Heart disorders such as congenital heart disease in babies.

The right examination is to take the mother's baby to a Pediatrician for further treatment. Other suggestions that can be done include:

face the baby's chest with the mother's chest in a sitting or standing position then pat the baby's back slowly after giving milk or breast milk
mothers no longer consume foods that contain cow's milk protein such as noodles, bread, other snacks
if the child gets more tight, the child should be brought to the doctor immediately.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


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