Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By A Feeling Of Phlegm?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By A Feeling Of Phlegm?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By A Feeling Of Phlegm?

As I often experience shortness of breath, I always take medication, after taking the medicine it causes phlegm and the shortness of breath just subsides, what is the effect of asthma?

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One of the causes of shortness of breath with excessive phlegm is asthma (bronchial asthma). This asthma occurs due to inflammation of the lower airway. The exact cause is not yet known. However, genetic factors (heredity) and several triggers are known to trigger asthma attacks, including airborne substances (e.g. pollen, dust mites, fungal spores, animal fleas, smoke), cold temperatures, respiratory infections, excessive physical activity, emotions. and psychological stress, acid reflux (GERD), or certain medications (eg beta blockers, aspirin, ibuprofen).

Not only shortness of breath and phlegm, people with asthma often experience additional breath sounds when breathing in (ie wheezing, giggling), sleep disturbances, so that it really disturbs them even when doing light activities.

However, besides asthma, there are many other possibilities that can trigger complaints as you experience, for example bronchitis, GERD, gastritis, pneumonia, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, psychosmatic disorders, congestive heart failure, respiratory infections, and so on. .

To distinguish each of these conditions, you need to consult a doctor or an internal medicine specialist. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, not only by interview and physical examination, but also x-rays, sputum tests, ultrasound, endoscopy, or heart records to identify whether your complaint is due to asthma or other triggers. If asthma is true, then oxygen therapy, nebulization, or administration of drugs (can be oral or injectable drugs) will usually be done by doctors.

In the meantime, try to observe more carefully, anything that often aggravates your tightness and excess phlegm. If there is a clear trigger, then as much as possible avoid the trigger. Use a mask that covers your nose so you don't breathe in any harmful airborne substances. Manage your stress well, avoid activities that are too tiring, calm your mind a lot, and also make it a habit to eat regularly. If you feel tight, calm yourself, get your breath well, move to a comfortable place, and compress your chest with warm water.

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