Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Nasal Congestion And A Distended Stomach?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Nasal Congestion And A Distended Stomach?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Nasal Congestion And A Distended Stomach?

I want to ask for a few days I feel short of breath, my nose is blocked, and my stomach feels bloated, and I don’t dare to take medicine carelessly because I’m still breastfeeding

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Hello, good morning Jihan.

Shortness of breath and congestion that you experience can be related, for example because you have upper tract infections such as colds and flu. Colds and flu can cause nasal congestion symptoms, so that people experiencing them will feel that they are not breathing smoothly or have difficulty breathing. In addition, other symptoms that can be caused are headache, fever, reduced sense of smell, watery eyes, muscle aches, weakness in the body, and loss of appetite. Apart from colds and flu, nasal congestion can also be caused by allergies to the respiratory system (for example due to cold air, dust, smoke, animal dander, etc.), vasomotor rhinitis (i.e. nasal congestion due to changes in head position), sinusitis (inflammation of the cavity -Air cavity located behind the facial bones), the presence of polyps (benign stem mass) in the nose, etc.

The shortness of breath you experience may not have anything to do with your nasal congestion, but rather a symptom of a disease in itself. Shortness of breath can be caused by: asthma, anemia (lack of hemoglobin in the blood), infectious diseases of the lungs, or heart problems. Meanwhile, complaints of a distended stomach (feels awful) can be caused by the consumption of foods and drinks that contain lots of gas, such as cabbage, instant noodles, bread made from yeast flour, tapai and other fermented foods, soft drinks, oily food, coconut milk. , and coffee. An upset stomach can also be caused by hormonal changes in women, eating irregularly, weight gain, and certain medical conditions. Medical conditions that can cause stomach complaints to feel bloated or bloated include gastritis (ulcers), increased stomach acid, constipation / constipation (defecating less than 3 times a week), etc.

Seeing the many possible causes of the complaint that you experience, to be sure it is necessary to do an examination directly. Therefore we recommend that you check with your doctor. The doctor will do a question and answer (anamnesis) about your complaint in a more complete and directed manner, then perform a physical examination, so that the most possible diagnosis can be established. If the diagnosis refers to an upper respiratory tract infection only, no additional testing is generally required. However, if deemed necessary (for example, the examining doctor suspects another disease), then the doctor may suggest additional tests such as blood lab tests or X-rays. It is true that during the breastfeeding period you are not allowed to take any medicine without a doctor's prescription, therefore, check with your doctor to get treatment that suits your condition. Don't forget to tell your examining doctor that you are currently breastfeeding.

While waiting for the doctor's appointment, here are some suggestions that you can try to do at home to temporarily reduce complaints:

drink lots of warm water
warm water vapor inhalation to reduce nasal congestion. The trick, put water into the pan and cook until it boils. Then remove the pot and slowly inhale the resulting steam.
if your nose is runny, blow your nose frequently
avoid foods and drinks that contain a lot of gas
eat food slowly and not while talking
avoid drinking liquids using a straw
enough rest

Hope it helps ..

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