Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Pain In The Chest

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Pain In The Chest
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Pain In The Chest

Good morning doctor , what I want to ask is the tightness due to antibiotics or I got corona … I’m so scared … until now I have not coughed and the flu is just chest pain …. thanks

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Hello Badarudin,

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Complaints of shortness of breath accompanied by pain in the chest that you experience may be related to a history of GERD that you have. Symptoms of GERD can be a burning sensation in the chest, throat and mouth feels sour, flatulence and so on. But the complaints you experience can also be caused by various other causes such as:

Disturbances in the airways such as bacterial or viral infections, asthma, COPD
Disorders of the heart such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, congenital heart disease
Trauma in the chest area
Irritation due to cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, and so on
Certain psychological conditions such as anxiety, panic, stress, and others

A complete examination is certainly needed starting from a medical interview, a complete physical examination, and additional examinations such as blood tests, chest X-ray images, ECG, lung function, and so on.

For that, a number of things you can do right now:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods, multiply fruits and vegetables
Drink a lot of water
Enough rest
Exercise regularly
Avoid triggers shortness of breath that you feel
Limit heavy daily activities
Sit / lie down immediately if your complaint arises
Do not lie down immediately after eating
Use antacids if your complaint is accompanied by heartburn or pain in the gut

If the complaint continues immediately to the doctor for further treatment.

Regarding Corona infection (COVID-19) that you are asking, in order to establish a person affected by this infection or not, a complete examination must also be performed. A history of traveling in the last 14 days to an infected area / country, a history of contact with a confirmed patient, or living and settling in a local transmission area are considered to direct the diagnosis to COVID-19. If the symptoms that you have now are accompanied by one of the previous histories you should isolate yourself and contact a doctor immediately. But if you don't have that history you should stay at home and avoid traveling outside or to the crowd. Perform a clean and healthy lifestyle while at home, wash your hands regularly, and keep a distance from people around you more than 1m. Use a mask if you have to travel outside and avoid using public transportation.

That's all, hope it helps.

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