Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Sneezing?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Sneezing?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Accompanied By Sneezing?

Hello,. So about 8 years ago I was sick of bronchitis, until the middle school teacher didn’t allow me to participate in scouting activities u0026amp; Sports. I really remember. When I entered high school, I often felt crowded. I can’t even breathe easily, like someone holding on to my chest. My breath became short. When I asked my mom, in the past I actually recovered from bronchitis or not, because I was still feeling tight. He even said, ‘Have you ever had bronchitis?’ I get confused: (Until now I also feel short of breath. Plus a year ago, I started to sneeze frequently. Every time I wake up, after taking a shower, I want to change my clothes, I often feel really bad. as well as me and Sempet to the ENT doctor said he was allergic to dust Well the question is, what exactly am I sick of? The problem is finding it on google when asthma, bronchitis is accompanied by coughing.

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Hello Tri,

Thank you for the question.

Your condition often experiences shortness of breath and sneezing is most likely indeed caused by allergies. Not only because of dust, this allergy can also be triggered by a variety of other allergens, such as cold, pollen, animal hair, drugs, and so on. Not only tightness and sneezing, allergies also often make sufferers experience coughing, runny nose, nose and eye itching and runny, headaches, dizziness, mucus swallowed to the throat, wheezing, biduran, and many other complaints. All of these symptoms arise because of an error in the immune system in recognizing foreign substances because they are considered harmful to the body, when in fact they are not.

Not only allergies, shortness and sneezing can also occur due to viral or bacterial infections, exposure to dry air or other irritants, nasal polyps, nasal septum deviation, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, excessive anxiety disorders, panic attacks, heart problems, psychosomatic disorders, foreign body aspirations, and so on.

Your mother may have forgotten what exactly doctor conclusions were made regarding your complaints. Therefore, actually you need to check your condition to the doctor, ENT doctor, or doctor of internal medicine. However, for now, if the complaint does not feel heavy, in order to minimize your risk of contracting COVID-19, it is advisable to stay at home first. Your complaint can be alleviated first by:

 Tight warm chest compresses Stay away from dust and other substances that are prone to trigger allergies (as mentioned above) Stay away from cigarettes and smoke Regularly exercising Improve your personal hygiene and the environment around you Adequate and regular sleep Do not be too sad, anxious, panicked, especially to stress Don't just take any medicine

I hope this helps.

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