Shortness Of Breath After SC?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath After SC?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath After SC?

.. I want to ask .. Why does my surgery run out so I become short of breath .. What is the cause huh … Is the effect of the drug or what? now it has been running 24 days from post-delivery. but my chest is still short of breath … I was able to go to the emergency room … where I checked the results of my heart record. Then the blood is checked too .. from the igd later and after that, I was given medicine for the stomach .. Then I checked with a specialist in … And was told to be X-rayed … The result was suspicion of pulmonary tuberculosis … what is the cause of the problem? Before that, I was healthy … And even before the surgery I didn’t have any complaints

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Hello Aditya,

Thank you for the question.

Shortness of breath after childbirth can occur associated with the process of pregnancy and childbirth, but may not. As for several conditions related to the process of pregnancy and childbirth, and can make you experience shortness of breath including:

 Allergies, for example allergic to drugs that doctors give after delivery Cardiomyopathy (weak heart), this condition is susceptible to pregnancy and postpartum women due to increased heart load when blood volume increases dramatically due to pregnancy Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD, the presence of some flowing stomach acid back to the esophagus and cause irritation), this condition is susceptible to pregnant women due to the insistence of the fetus pressing on the stomach Baby blues, this condition is prone to occur in mothers after childbirth, for example due to fatigue taking care of babies, minimal milk production, lack of support from partners, and so on In addition to the above factors related to pregnancy and childbirth, shortness of breath can also occur due to other factors, for example asthma, gastritis, bronchitis, pleural effusion, airway infections (including due to tuberculosis / pulmonary TB), pneumothorax, kidney disorders, psychological disorders, and so on.

Pulmonary TB can affect anyone, even in people who were previously healthy. This disease is often due to close contact with other TB sufferers. In addition to tightness, pulmonary TB sufferers can also experience coughing, bloody phlegm, fever and prolonged excessive sweating, swollen lymph nodes, chest pain, and many other complaints. However, aside from pulmonary TB, actually the various possibilities above may also cause you to tightness.

Without checking you directly, it is not our authority to ascertain what causes your tightness. Our advice, if the complaint has been checked by a doctor, given medicine, but has not improved, immediately check back to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine to be given further solutions. Sputum tests, x-rays, blood tests, or other supporting tests can also be done by a doctor.

In the meantime, to reduce the tightness, you can do it first:

 Get enough sleep, position your chest and head higher, compress warm tightness of the chest. Take time to exercise every day Calm the heart and mind, don't stress too much, sad, or anxious. Eat regularly, but don't get too close to bedtime. Don't consume too much food and drinks that contain a lot of gas, for example coconut milk, fried foods, sauces, soda, coffee, mustard greens, cabbage Avoid contact with substances that often make you allergic Stay away from cigarette smoke, dust, pollution, dry air, and other airway irritants. .

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