Shortness Of Breath And Left Chest Pain In A 21-year-old Woman?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath And Left Chest Pain In A 21-year-old Woman?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath And Left Chest Pain In A 21-year-old Woman?

Good night, I am a 21 year old woman. I have been sick for 1 month and it really interfered with my daily activities. I had been in and out of the hospital 2 times, and very often I was in and out of the ER just because of shortness of breath and even left chest pain. it hurt in my stomach. I was diagnosed by a doctor with acute gastritis and urinary tract infection. and I was given medicine by the doctor. finally I routinely take medication and keep my food so I don’t eat late. It’s been 4 days that I have no stomach pain. I am still not relieved through my nose, always with the help of my mouth and sometimes when I take a breath my chest only hurts. I have 5 times the EKG is normal, because I am afraid of what my disease is? Please answer yes because I am confused about my actual disease what?

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Shortness of breath and left chest pain can be caused by:

Gastric disorders, such as acid reflux disease, muscle injury or chest rib inflammation (pneumonia) or meningitis, heart problems, such as angina, stress or anxiety conditions Anemia, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, can also be a cause of congestion.

To relieve symptoms, try to do the following:

keep consuming nutritious food regularly it is better to eat small portions but more often do not lie down immediately after eating enough to drink water limit caffeine / alcohol, do not smoke, have adequate rest time can better manage stress maintain cleanliness, to reduce exposure to dust which can trigger shortness of breath If the symptoms have not improved, it is recommended that you check with your doctor again. So that a physical examination and other supporting tests can be done, such as blood tests, X rays, or endoscopy, to help find out if there is an underlying medical cause. The doctor will immediately provide the right treatment according to the results of the examination obtained.

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