Shortness Of Breath And Pain In The Chest When I Wake Up?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath And Pain In The Chest When I Wake Up?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath And Pain In The Chest When I Wake Up?

Good afternoon,. I want to ask about a health examination, a few months ago I experienced shortness of breath and chest pain when I woke up. And the doctor advised me to test phlegm and chest X-ray. I was given an ulcer drug and some other drugs. The second visit I was given back the same medicine and with the addition of some antibiotic tabley. I know this is a form of self diagnosis, because what I read from the web I experience stomach acid which leads to Gerd, not ulcer. And I also read, if you have chest pain and shortness of breath you should have an ECG examination. Is the doctor’s examination not always the same even though the symptoms experienced are the same? Thank you.

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In determining a diagnosis, health information is obtained from short interviews / history taking related to the symptoms felt, previous medical history and assisted with physical examination and other supporting examinations if needed.
Determination of diagnosis and treatment is also based on medical knowledge and experience that doctors have based on evidence-based medical research (the results of evidence-based clinical studies). So the difference in taking medical action (both in the examination and administration of therapy) does not necessarily have to be the same between doctors. Investigations (such as EKG, X-ray, blood, etc.) are actions that are supportive, not mandatory, or only help to assess whether there is interference with the body, so that if it is not done it is not a problem if the examining doctor believes the patient's diagnosis is based typical clinical symptoms as well as physical findings found from patients.
Shortness of breath and chest pain can be caused by disorders of the heart, lungs, digestion, or respiratory muscle disorders around the chest. Evaluation can be done based on a brief history, physical examination and support if needed. GERD (Gastroesofageal reflux) is one of the disorders of the digestive tract whose symptoms are similar to heart disease. To diagnose GERD, there is a scoring system based on the symptoms found that can determine the diagnosis in the direction of the disorder without having to do an ECG to rule out the possibility of heart problems.
So that the determination of examinations, actions and administration of different therapies for each doctor is a natural thing to happen. We believe that the doctor who treats you has certain medical considerations regarding the actions that have been taken based on complaints and physical findings found from medical examinations.
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