Shortness Of Breath Every Night With A Cold

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Every Night With A Cold
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Every Night With A Cold

Nighttime, permission to ask. My husband complained about shortness of breath every night with colds. he works in a fabric dyeing factory, what is the cause of the factory drug pollution? I told him to wear a mask, but he was not strong enough to wear a mask because it was stuffy. . does it also affect the dock? the cost of a doctor’s visit there is also expensive. how do I find the right solution dock? sorry many questions, hopefully answered. thank you in advance.

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Shortness of breath likens a situation where there are disturbances in the body's organs, including lungs, heart and sluggishness. Shortness of breath that arises also varies. I will try to explain some of the possible causes or circumstances that may occur to your husband, including:

shortness due to lungs, shortness due to lungs will be related to the upper and lower respiratory system. There are several types of causes of interference with lung tightness, bacterial, viral, inflammatory or allergic infections. Someone who is allergic usually will often recur when meeting with allergens, such as weather, dust, aroma or pollen. Symptoms that arise due to allergies are colds, coughing, shortness of breath that is accompanied by a ngik ngik sound, the underlying disease is called asthma. If shortness is caused by a bacterial or viral infection, it will usually be accompanied by coughing, fever above 37.5 degrees and shortness of breath, the underlying disease is pneumonia. As for inflammation, a disease that often occurs is bronchitis, the cause is an irritant, can dust, smoke, cigarette smoke, asbestos microparticles, cloth etc.
shortness due to heart, tightness accompanied by pain in the left chest and spread to the left neck, and left arm. Triggers for heart tightness and chest pain are history of cholesterol, smokers and history of hypertension or diabetes.
shortness of breath due to the stomach, shortness of breath caused by the stomach is characterized by tightness in the lower chest or upper middle abdomen. Accompanied by nausea, vomiting and pain. The main cause of shortness of breath due to the stomach is increased stomach acid.

Based on your complaint, your husband may experience lung trade. Add to this a history of allergies which can trigger more frequent relapses. To determine whether it is certain or not, it is necessary to conduct a physical examination and supporting examinations such as photo rongten. If it is certain, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and medications for cough and allergies.

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