Shortness Of Breath In A Row ‘?

Hello doctor! I want to ask. Previously I will explain my condition the last few weeks. Already about 2 weeks I feel shortness of breath and nausea, initially shortness of breath only briefly and then disappear, the more frequent and longer the loss. I’ve tried going to the clinic for treatment, given a variety of drugs. But after taking the medicine he grew, his nausea was better. Finally I stopped taking the medicine and moved to the clinic. There was given a different medicine from before, but the tightness hasn’t been lost until now. The stomach does not feel hungry at all, not nausea, but tightness for hours and kliyengan. How do you get rid of this shortness of breath? Very disturbing of my learning activities. Previously, thank you for complaining about my current condition

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Shortness of breath is also called dyspnea in which this condition is interpreted as the normal lack of oxygen in the lungs, resulting in changes in breathing patterns that are getting faster, or shallower. Under normal conditions, the breathing frequency of an adult human can be around 12-20 times per minute. When a person experiences shortness of breath, then there is a change in the normal pattern of human breath becoming shorter, or faster, where the frequency of breathing is 10 times less per minute or greater than 25 times per minute has shown an unnatural breath. So that knowing the cause of the frequency of breathing that is not normal and causes shortness of breath, it is necessary to know the complaints of the participants, do the examination and ascertain the cause.

In this condition of Covid-19 infection, symptoms of shortness of breath without any other signs of Covid infection and risk factors, then shortness of breath is likely not caused by Covid-19 infection. In Covid-19 patients, symptoms of coughing, fever greater than 38 degrees celsius, shortness of breath, and a history of 14 days of contact with Covid-19 patients or a history of traveling to a local transmission area outside the country or in the country. So from the symptoms that you convey, the possibility of leading to Covid-19 infection is small. However, it still requires periodic evaluation even though it has passed the incubation period of infection, by maintaining health, avoiding contact, washing hands, staying at home / social distancing and wearing masks when worried.

While the shortness of breath complaints that you feel at this time that has been two weeks has not improved, and accompanied by nausea complaints, the complaint of shortness that you feel is likely to be more related to heavy breathing and related to disorders of your digestive system, one of them gastric disorders. Complaints of nausea and shortness of breath can often be affected by increased stomach acid and increased gas in your digestive tract, this condition can also be characterized by complaints:

Stomach feels full or strong
Frequent belching
Stomach ache
Abdominal pain
Chest feels heavy when breathing
Changes in position that increase complaints are uncomfortable
Easily tired
A cold sweat

One or several of the above complaints can be felt by the patient, and if these complaints have been running for more than 3-7 days, the recovery process will take longer and the accompanying complaints will increase which will further disrupt your activities and comfort. The examination and treatment efforts that you have done, are generally good to help you in your care and recovery, but if it has not improved, then several other possibilities can affect the length of the recovery process, such as:

You are still busy with your activities so that your physical condition is still tired and not balanced with adequate rest
Habits often sleep late, so recovery will take longer
Still often late eating
Still often consume spicy foods, instant foods, or oily foods and beverages in containers
Smoking and alcohol when consuming
Still often face or encounter conflicts that affect your psychic
Do not routinely take medication

If one or several of the things above you still do and meet, then the treatment you are trying will require more time to help recovery. So identify the possibilities above and avoid them to help your recovery.

However, if you have made all the positive efforts but have not yet provided benefits, the tightness complaints that you still feel need to be examined and evaluated directly with your doctor. Because the Corona alert condition is still high, you should be able to do an online consultation with your doctor unless your doctor asks you to come immediately to meet. The doctor will advise you to calculate the frequency of your breath, if your breathing frequency is high enough more than 25 times per minute, then the doctor can advise you to go directly to the hospital for further examination and evaluation. This further examination is to determine whether the complaint is caused by another medical condition, such as heart disease, lung infection, or asthma. If your breathing frequency is normal, your doctor can provide treatment recommendations for you. Thus, further treatment can be given.

Going forward, avoid all habits that do not support recovery as mentioned above, so you can control the possible risks and triggers.

Thus the info we can convey.

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