Shortness Of Breath In People With Heart Disease?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath In People With Heart Disease?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath In People With Heart Disease?

night I was 29 years old, I wanted to ask my mother-in-law to be taken home from an inpatient at a hospital because of her heart, a cardiologist said 400 enzymes were so my mother-in-law was being treated at ICU, after 3 days being transferred to the usual inpatient ward, 3 the day was taken home, but when I got home at shortness of breath again felt my in-laws, even at the hospital every night I still felt shortness of breath even though I was using oxygen, I want to ask what to do? thank you

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Hello dwi

Thank you for the question.

The heart is a vital organ that functions in pumping oxygen-rich blood and nutrients throughout the body. To evaluate heart function, several types of tests can be done, including by assessing the levels of cardiac enzymes, such as creatin kinase (CK MB), troponin, and myoglobin. Normal levels of these enzymes can differ depending on the type of enzyme. And high levels of enzymes are often not only specific due to heart disease, but can also be due to disorders in other organ systems, such as kidneys, muscles, infections, and so on. Therefore, just by knowing that high levels of heart enzymes, it is still difficult for us to determine the possible type of heart disease that your in-laws experience and what is the best treatment.

There are many types of heart disease, and almost all of them can cause sufferers to experience shortness of breath. If your current in-laws are still experiencing shortness of breath, then this does not always mean that the condition has not improved. It could be that, in general the conditions have improved, but still need to get outpatient treatment accompanied by treatment at home.

It's best if you don't panic. Give your parents-in-law treatment as suggested by the doctor. Not only that, so that the complaints improve, the following steps can be done:

Let him rest a lot
Position the head, neck and chest higher so as not to tightness (including during sleep)
Limit giving him foods that contain salt, flavorings, saturated fats, cholesterol, trans fats
Limit also give him food that is too much gas
Give him enough to drink, as the doctor advised
Accompany him for his activities, do not be left alone
Remind him to exercise as much as he can
Don't overwhelm him with too many problems
Keep him away from cigarettes and smoke
Provide him with portable oxygen at home

However, if the tightness is still very disturbing, even it is difficult for him to sleep and do even light activities, then bring him back to the doctor, heart doctor, or internist in order to be given the best treatment according to his condition huh ..

I hope this helps.

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