Shortness Of Breath In People With Typhus?

I want to ask if I have typhoid pain for 1 month it has not healed my chest is tight sometimes I can’t sleep it’s called stress too yeah Digestion is also disturbed, itchy nose has had sinusitis

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Hi Handy .. Thank you for the question given.

Have you gone to a doctor and the doctor really diagnosed you with typhus? Typhus sufferers will generally get better in 1-2 weeks with proper treatment, adequate rest, and eating nutritious foods.

Meanwhile, chest tightness can be caused by:

Acid reflux - acid reflux is also influenced by psychological stress. Patients can experience symptoms such as hot and tight chest, bitter or sour mouth, heartburn, flatulence.
Inflammation of the stomach wall (gastritis)

Pneumonia - a bacterial infection of the lungs, accompanied by symptoms of fever, cough, weakness in the body
Heart disorders (for example: coronary heart disease) - a symptom that arises from complaints in the heart is the presence of left-sided chest pain such as being stabbed or crushed and can spread to the left arm or penetrate to the back

There are several causes for your complaint, so it's a good idea to check with a general practitioner or if you want to see a specialist then you can see a specialist in internal medicine. From there the doctor will perform a direct physical examination, blood check, abdominal ultrasound, or X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. If you have problems with your nose and have had sinusitis, your doctor can consult an ENT doctor.

Meanwhile, what you can do:

Avoid spicy and sour foods
Enough rest
Enough daily water needs
Eat at regular times

May be useful

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