Shortness Of Breath Lost Arise

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Lost Arise
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Lost Arise

Hi .. I want to ask about the symptoms lately I feel. Shortness of breath, but the chest does not hurt, no fever, no cough / flu as well and no history of traveling too. And not every day I feel like this … for example today I feel shortness of breath the next 2 days no, then appears again … I initially thought this panick attack or if I read that there is a psychosomatic effect ?? please info

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Psychosomatic conditions are conditions in which physical symptoms do not actually occur due to disorders of the anatomy or organs of the body but are related to psychological conditions that trigger some symptoms that can appear and can vary as

 Shortness of discomfort in the stomach Limp body conditions Ears ringing For the conclusion of psychosomatic disorders it usually must be removed first other possible causes such as shortness

 Inflammation in the lung area Blockages in the heart arteries Increased stomach acid Some things can be done and if there is a perfect improvement it is really psychosomatic like

 Avoid anxiety Divert your anxiety with activities Use your time for positive things Tell the people closest to you Thus information Hopefully useful

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