Shortness Of Breath, Nasal Congestion And Throat Phlegm

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath, Nasal Congestion And Throat Phlegm
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath, Nasal Congestion And Throat Phlegm

Hello, good night I have been feeling heavy and the nose has been blocked for the past few days sometimes even two or two, and also my throat is phlegm, but I don’t have a cough, fever or runny nose. That is actually a symptom, thanks.

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Hello, thanks for asking with the team.

The complaints that you experience can be caused by various things, including:

-Polip nose. Symptoms include nasal congestion, runny nose, and mucus flowing down the back of the throat, pain around the face and teeth, nosebleeds, to disturbance of the sense of smell and sense of taste.

-Allergy. Allergies to allergens (things that trigger allergies), such as house dust mites, pet dander, cold temperatures, heat, etc.

- Sinusitis. Inflammation or swelling of the sinus wall.

- flu or influenza

You need to know, if a positive sufferer covid 19 can have symptoms that vary between each patient. Covid 19 has the main symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing, and fever of more than 38 C. Other covid 19 symptoms can include sore throat, muscle aches, headaches, colds, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Not all patients who are positive covid 19 have all the symptoms. You and your family can check to find out the risk of corona virus infection in the link below:


Here are some tips to help deal with complaints at home:

- Enough rest

- Drink warm water, drink plenty of water

- Don't eat late, eat regularly

- Avoid lying down after eating

- Avoid consuming acidic, spicy, and caffeine consumption

- Consumption of balanced nutritious food

- Avoid smoking or cigarette smoke and alcoholic drinks

- Avoid allergy triggers if you have a history of allergies

- Stay at home, avoid leaving the house except for urgent and important needs

- Keep your distance from the people around, avoid crowded places

- Routinely wash hands

- Use a mask when on the move outside the home

Thank you, hope that helps.

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