Shortness Of Breath Suddenly.?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath Suddenly.?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath Suddenly.?

Hello,. I want to ask, are these signs that I have a history of asthma because when I sit and are normal? Suddenly when I stand, I am short of breath or even worse when I stand, I want to sit suddenly short of breath, it comes suddenly. ,.

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Hello Astiara,

Thank you for asking

Shortness of breath, especially when the body changes position (for example from sitting to standing or vice versa), may indicate orthostatic hypotension. This condition occurs when blood pressure drops suddenly due to body movements that are opposite to the direction of gravity. Not only tightness, sufferers generally will also feel dizzy, weak, palpitations, excessive sweating, blurry vision, and many other complaints.

Asthma, it can indeed cause sufferers to experience shortness of breath. However, shortness of breath due to asthma is not specific to the weight changes as you experience it. In addition, asthma sufferers will often also experience coughing and annoying additional breath sounds (for example wheezing or like snoring). Some other conditions, such as pneumothorax, bronchitis, pneumonia, heart attack, GERD, gastritis, hypoglycemia, anemia, dehydration, peptic ulcers, panic attacks, etc. can also trigger shortness of breath.

It is better if the tightness that you feel is quite disturbing, check yourself directly to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. With direct physical examination, or accompanied by X-ray examination, heart record, ultrasound, spirometry, and so on, doctors are often able to establish the right diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment.

At this time, what you should do:

When you want to change body position, do it slowly, not suddenly
Diligent in sports, especially cardio (aerobics)
Don't smoke, consume alcohol, especially drugs
Enough sleep, don't stay up
Eat regularly, small portions but often
No stress, anxiety, or excessive sadness

Hope this helps ...

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