Shortness Of Breath (wheezing) During Sleep?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath (wheezing) During Sleep?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath (wheezing) During Sleep?

Hello my 9-year-old daughter. Tonight she is sleeping with short breath … Wheezing … What should I do

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Normal gasping occurs when doing activities in a fast tempo of time, such as running or when doing strenuous activities. But if shortness of breath does not occur because it certainly must find out the cause. Some possible causes include:

 Pulmonary problems, such as asthma (wheezing on physical examination and genetic factors), COPD, tuberculosis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema Heart problems, such as coronary heart disease (usually accompanied by chest pain), heart failure, congenital heart disease such as valve abnormalities , cardiomyopathy Trauma to the chest, such as broken ribs, bruising to the chest Certain psychological conditions, such as anxiety, panic To determine the exact cause it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination. Examination includes

 Medical interviews to determine the course of complaints, triggers, until a family history Complete physical examination, if the cause is normal asthma accompanied by wheezing on physical examination, pneumonia found with ronchi sounds on physical examination, other additional examinations, such as sputum examination if suspected tuberculosis or bacterial infection others, chest X-ray examination, blood examination, and others that are relevant. The things you can do at home are:

 Avoiding short-breathed breathers Looking for positions that make you comfortable If the complaints are burdensome immediately see a doctor for further treatment. Hopefully this will be useful.

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