Shortness Of Breath When In A Hurry Accompanied By Yawning, Whether Including Symptoms Of Corona Virus Infection?

Illustration of Shortness Of Breath When In A Hurry Accompanied By Yawning, Whether Including Symptoms Of Corona Virus Infection?
Illustration: Shortness Of Breath When In A Hurry Accompanied By Yawning, Whether Including Symptoms Of Corona Virus Infection?

Afternoon, I want to ask. Some days, sometimes my breath like tightness especially when I’m in a hurry and sometimes accompanied by yawning. That is a sign of what symptoms because I am worried about the symptoms of corona in shortness of breath, incidentally I am still required to go out of the house and meet with people. But I do not have a fever and sometimes the tightness of the stone also goes away and can appear again. Thanks

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Hello Doraini

Thank you for the question.

When rushing activities, most people will indeed experience shortness of breath. However, not only that, shortness of breath can also indicate a disease, such as:

 Respiratory disorders, for example rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, pneumonia Digestive disorders, for example gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastritis, intestinal obstruction, food allergies Heart disorders, for example disorders of the heart or rhythm, weak heart Other factors, such as allergies , anxiety disorders, obesity, psychosomatic disorders, drug effects, anemia, hypotension, etc. Corona virus (SARS Coronavirus-2) that is currently endemic can also infect the respiratory tract, triggering various respiratory disorders that trigger shortness as mentioned above. . However, a variety of other microorganisms can also infect the respiratory tract and cause shortness. When experiencing shortness of breath, oxygen levels in the blood and brain can be reduced, so that makes you stimulated to excessive yawning. So, this information does not specifically refer to a particular disease.

Our advice, if the tightness that appears is very disturbing, or if you have risk factors for contracting Corona disease (such as having been in contact with a person with Corona disease, having traveled to the Corona outbreak area, or having contact with someone from the Corona outbreak area) , you should check yourself to a doctor or doctor of internal medicine, yes. Physical examination, x-rays, lung function tests, or other supporting tests doctors can do to be able to give you the right treatment.

Before that, your tightness can be relieved first by increasing your rest, compress the tight warm chest, do not eat too late, do not always consume foods and beverages that contain gas, avoid contact with allergens, do not smoke, regularly exercise, and multiply relax. Do not forget, prepare your days well so that you no longer have to rush in your activities.

Hope this helps ...

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