Shortness, Palpitations And Runny Eyes

Illustration of Shortness, Palpitations And Runny Eyes
Illustration: Shortness, Palpitations And Runny Eyes

Ass .. I want to ask, if you like tightness, palpitations and runny eyes why? What is the solution / medicine, so I’m afraid ..

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Shortness of breath complaints can occur by many possible causes and in certain conditions can be accompanied by heart palpitations and watery eyes.

Some possible causes of shortness of breath include:

Disorders of the heart, can be followed by symptoms of palpitations, chest pain, etc. for example coronary heart disease, heart failure, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy
Disturbances in the respiratory tract, can be followed by symptoms of cough as in tuberculosis or pneumonia or watery eyes, headaches, and so on for example in respiratory tract infections due to viruses, or chronic diseases such as asthma and COPD
Digestive disorders such as GERD
Trauma to the chest area such as a rib fracture
Certain psychological conditions such as anxiety disorders and panic attacks

To determine the right treatment, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination starting from a physical examination to additional examinations that support the diagnosis such as blood tests, chest X-ray, CT Scan, to certain serology. Therefore it is not advisable to use drugs carelessly before seeing a doctor for an examination.

For that, several things you can do at home to reduce symptoms:

Limit strenuous physical activity
Regular exercise
Take care of your diet and body shape
Get enough rest
Drink a lot of water
Avoid excessive stress
Avoid triggering complaints
If complaints are felt sitting / lying down to rest

If by doing the above the complaint is felt to subside, it's good to delay seeing a doctor and staying home. This is to avoid the spread of COVID-19. However, if complaints are felt to be permanent or burdensome such as accompanied by pervasive chest pain or severe tightness that interferes with activities, or until the sound of wheezing / wheezing immediately goes to the doctor and wear a mask and avoid using public transportation.

So, hopefully useful.

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