Shortness When Coughing Is Accompanied By Mucus?

Illustration of Shortness When Coughing Is Accompanied By Mucus?
Illustration: Shortness When Coughing Is Accompanied By Mucus?

Good day, I want to ask about the illness that I suffer from, yes, that asthma coughing like removing mucus like jely and every asthma I relapse I like to use the drug ventolin inhaler whether the drug is taken every day if it’s okay and whether my illness can be cured ?? Thanks

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Hi Dani,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified beforehand, have you ever seen a doctor and diagnosed with asthma? Did you get the medicine by prescription? So, does the doctor really advise you to always use the drug when your asthma recurs?

Asthma bronkhiale, or more commonly called asthma, is a chronic inflammation of the lower respiratory tract that causes sufferers to experience shortness of breath, additional breath sounds (wheezing), and also coughing. These symptoms occur because of the narrowed airway and excessive produced airway mucus. Asthma is a recurring disease. The recurrence of this disease can be triggered by many factors, often environmental factors (such as cold weather, dusty, smoky, pollen-filled), psychological factors (such as when feeling stressed, anxious, panicked, or afraid), physical factors (such as when being experiencing fatigue, exercising), respiratory infections, reflux (backflow) of gastric acid, to the effect of consuming several types of drugs (for example beta blockers, aspirin, ibuprofen).

Because of increased airway mucus production, asthma sufferers often experience coughing with jelly-like discharge like you experience. This condition needs to get the right treatment so as not to limit the sufferer in his activities. If it is true that you have already seen a doctor and have been diagnosed with asthma, your doctor will usually give you 2 main types of treatment, namely handling when an asthma attack arises, and treatment to control so that an asthma attack does not recur. The drug you mentioned is part of this treatment. If you use the drug repeatedly on the advice of a doctor who examined you, this condition should not be dangerous. However, if your doctor does not recommend direct action, you should not do it carelessly.

Asthma until now is not a disease that can be completely cured. However, people with asthma can continue their activities as normal people without significant obstacles if he is able to manage asthma triggers properly. Therefore, the best step that needs to be done is to prevent asthma attacks do not always recur and recur. Some of the efforts you can make include:

Recognize, what things that usually trigger your asthma attacks, then as much as possible avoid these triggers Go through immunization to protect against respiratory infections that often occur, for example influenza and pneumonia Diligently doing breathing exercises Routine exercise 1-2 times a day Manage stress with wise Live a healthy diet, regularly, avoid foods that are prone to make you allergic If an asthma attack recurs, check yourself directly to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine in order to be given the right treatment Hope it helps.

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