Should Dislocation Be Operated On?

Illustration of Should Dislocation Be Operated On?
Illustration: Should Dislocation Be Operated On?

if by diagnosis of dislected dislocation of elbow is it certain to be osteoarthritis? is there any possibility of osteoarthritis not being prevented if the dislocation of an elbow is not operated on? If there is, about how many% of osteoarthritis does not occur ….. the thing is I asked for the operation, he said, he can’t cover BPJS …

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Hello Puskesmas Liogenteng, thank you for asking

What is meant by neglected elbow dislocation is a dislocation condition, that is, the location is not normal or the joint is shifted on the elbow that is not handled or ignored so that it is called 'neglected'.

Joint dislocation is an injury in which the end of the bone is forced to change from its normal position which is usually caused by an injury such as trauma due to a fall accident and so on. To find out the dislocation of these joints usually found complaints of pain, or an abnormal form in the affected joints and usually also can be disrupted by the function of the joint for example being unable to bend optimally as usual. In addition, an x-ray examination was performed to see the severity of the dislocation.

After that, the dislocation in this joint needs medical treatment immediately, usually the doctor will carry out certain maneuvers or methods to return the joints to its place. And this method is usually done by an orthopedic specialist or a bone surgeon.

However, if the dislocation itself is left for a long period of time, then the dislocation of this joint can persist which causes problems in the form of 'disability' or what is called joint deformity. Deformity is a condition in which the shape of the bones or joints become abnormal unlike usual, and the function is also disrupted. Therefore the risk of neglated dislocation is joint deformity.

What is meant by osteoarthiritis is trade that occurs in the bones or joints, this condition can occur by various causes. For example trauma or injury to the joint and due to certain conditions such as deformity in the joint that causes the elbow joint in your case for example where the elbow joint dislocates or the joint is not in its normal place, so that it can trigger joint inflammation due to an abnormal location that makes the joint become rub against other bones.

The risk will depend on the severity of the dislocation or the condition of joint abnormalities that occur. So to judge the possibility of becoming osteoarthritis will depend on each condition. However, complications in the form of permanent deformity can occur due to neglected elvow dislocation.

Handling is usually done in the form of surgical operations on the bones or elbows that experience the deformity. Usually surgery is carried out on certain indications, for example, if a disturbance is found in its function or if it is found to be osteoarthritis. And for now joint deformity due to a neglected condition has not been covered by the health BPJS. Because the dislocation is neglected not handled when the initial dislocation condition occurs.

Or you should first consult your condition at a nearby orthopedic specialist to determine the appropriate treatment steps. Because the condition of osteoarthritis and deformity in the joints can disrupt the function of the elbow for example, it becomes immovable and can interfere with your activities going forward.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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