Should Give MPASI To Babies Aged 6 Months?

Illustration of Should Give MPASI To Babies Aged 6 Months?
Illustration: Should Give MPASI To Babies Aged 6 Months?

.. I want to ask .. Do you have to eat baby at the age of 6 months? Why many say yaaa do not give fast meal later bb down. Thanks

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Hello Ikka,

Thank you for asking

If your baby is already 6 months old, then this is the right time for you to teach him to consume a variety of foods other than breast milk (MPASI, complementary foods for breast milk). Of course, in the early days, the main purpose of giving this MPASI was not solely to meet the nutritional needs, because at present it still relies on breast milk. However, giving MPASI at this age can train your baby to be adept at eating at a greater age, when your milk is no longer able to meet nutritional needs.

Baby's weight (BB) can indeed be caused by giving MPASI too early. However, if your baby is now 6 months old, naturally feeding at this age is no longer appropriate to be called "early". In fact, if you are not taught to consume MPASI, your baby is more susceptible to experiencing nutritional disorders, including those that appear to be defecating.

It's best not to just base on "what other people say" in determining what's best for you, including when the best time to give him MPASI. Increase your knowledge regarding good and right feeding to babies, i.e. by reading lots of books, attending training, or also consulting directly to the doctor. Because, not all "people say" is true.

In addition to breast milk, you can start giving MPASI to your baby gradually, how to:

Prioritize homemade MPASI, not instant
Make MPASI with the right consistency, which is liquid (with diluted using breast milk)
Make MPASI with the right amount, not too much (babies 6 months usually only eat 15 60 ml volume of one meal, with frequency of giving 1 to 3 times a day)
Create MPASI with the right ingredients, you can give it a single menu first, then begin to be combined gradually with the addition of other ingredients
Do not over-give the baby sugar, salt, especially flavoring at the age of which is still less than 1 year
Avoid giving MPASI with flavors that are too overpowering
Make sure you always give MPASI to your baby that is processed with clean, fresh (not warmed many times)
If after giving MPASI your baby has symptoms of allergies or digestive disorders, for example itching, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, colic, and constipation, pay attention to what type of MPASI, and first avoid giving these types of MPASI so that complaints do not recur
Keep your baby's processing and feeding equipment cleaned and sterilized regularly

Not to forget, you need to regularly control your baby's growth and development to the doctor or pediatrician. If the weight goes down, then in addition to improper feeding, this condition can also occur due to other causes, such as infection, malignancy, thyroid gland disorders, as well as other chronic diseases. Each of these conditions can require different management depending on the cause.

Hope this helps ...

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