Should HIV Testing Return After Intercourse Is At Risk 1 Year Ago?

Illustration of Should HIV Testing Return After Intercourse Is At Risk 1 Year Ago?
Illustration: Should HIV Testing Return After Intercourse Is At Risk 1 Year Ago?

Good morning … r nI have had a risky relationship with a prostitute – / + 1.5 years ago. Then I experienced STI (slimy urine) until now it still sometimes often come out and cause pain in the tailbone and waist, I have tested for HIV on August 1 and November 2 with the results of alkhamdulillah Non reactive, what I want to ask is r n1. Are the non-reactive results valid and say I am free from HIV for life (with a note of not repeating risky behavior) or still have to do another test ?? r n2. How long is the incubation period for HIV virus in the body ??, Is it still an incubation period when the virus can be detected through an HIV test ?? r n3. For mucus that I experienced how to treat ?? Considering the doctor asked for a sample of mucus as soon as I didn’t always pee mucus all the time … r n4. My tongue is also white now and there are red spots and at the base of the tongue there is a large red spot that sometimes feels painful and uncomfortable, this happens after I have been suffering from canker sores that have healed for almost a month. R nPlease answer clearly until now I still feel scared and calm yet ..

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Hello Ardi, thank you for the question to

I will try to answer your questions about HIV first. First, you need to distinguish between incubation periods and window periods. The incubation period is the period / time span between the entry of infection and the appearance of symptoms, while the window period is the period between the entry of the infection and the time when the examination tool can detect the infection. Chances are what you mean in your question is the window period. For HIV infection, the window period can vary from person to person (depending on the response of the person's immune system and also depending on the screening device used). In general, a person will have formed antibodies to HIV within 3 months and most people who are infected with HIV will already be detected by a screening tool 3 months after risk behavior. In your case, if the examination is carried out 1.5 years after risky behavior, the results of the examination can be said to be accurate.

Regarding slimy urine that you experience, you should indeed do the mucus swab examination first. This is done to clearly determine the cause of the discharge and if you have received prior treatment but the symptoms do not improve, antibiotic resistance testing can also be done with this test. Sampling does not have to always be done when the mucus is out. You should go back to see your doctor or you can also go to a dermatologist and a specialist for further evaluation. The doctor can perform a direct urethral swab for gram examination as well as culture and bacterial resistance at the visit.

Regarding your white tongue accompanied by painful red spots, this condition should also receive further attention and evaluation. There are lesions in the mouth (including mouth ulcers) that are large in size, do not heal themselves in 2 weeks, or there are also other symptoms such as easy bleeding, enlargement or spread to other places, pain is so severe that it is difficult to eat or drink, there is fever, or accompanied by weight loss can be a sign of certain diseases for example:

celiac disease inflammatory bowel disease certain autoimmune diseases (for example lupus, Behcet's disease) oral cancer etc. Immediately consult yourself to the ENT doctor for this condition.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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