Should I Go To A Psychiatrist?

Illustration of Should I Go To A Psychiatrist?
Illustration: Should I Go To A Psychiatrist?

I want to ask. the last time I asked hello. Alodok stated that I was severely depressed, but it could also be an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and a combination of the three. then Alodok advised me to look for activities and so on. therefore I started looking for parttime work while in college and with that busyness my symptoms began to decrease. but because of the current lockdown, I had to stay at home and the symptoms returned. but this time I just cried. I keep crying without thinking about anything. suddenly I cried so hard then I stopped. when i watch utube i will laugh happily but after that i will come back crying for no reason. I have been like this for 2 days. I searched on Google and found Hypophrenia or bipolar that might happen to me. before Alodok advised me to go to a psychiatrist. but I don’t have money to go there … can Alodok help my condition now? thank you

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Hello Goddess,

Thank you for the question.

Referring to your information at this time, and the thread that you created earlier, it is very likely that you have psychiatric disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, excessive anxiety disorder, delusional disorder, and so on. These conditions can vary in severity, depending on what the clinical symptoms are like.

It is true what the doctor said before, that the best way to deal with your complaints is to divert feelings of sadness without an obvious reason by occupying yourself with productive activities. This productive activity certainly cannot only be done by working. In conditions like this, work, activities outside the home, including also go directly to the doctor unless an emergency condition seems far more dangerous for you, because of the risk of causing you to contract the disease.

Therefore, we advise you not to panic. A wise adult can naturally control his mood, not the other way around, he is controlled by his mood. Better, you first do our suggestions below:

Start your days by getting up early. At night, sleep too early so you don't get sleepy. Try not to sleep less than 7 hours every day.
Exercise at least 30 minutes a day
Bathing, eating, and doing other activities regularly
Sharpen your hobbies and potential to be a proud achievement
Improve your communication with family and those closest to you
Do things that make you comfortable and entertained, for example by worshiping, meditating, using musical instruments, writing, reading, and so on
When there are disturbing thoughts about a sadness, the desire to hurt yourself and others, especially to end your life, then regain your self, rest assured that your life is far more valuable than just to obey those thoughts
Try to think positively, including yourself, others, and God who created the best destiny for you

If the above steps are optimal for you to do, but your complaints are still out of control, then you consult your doctor or psychiatrist to give further solutions. Do not just carelessly take any medicine without doctor's advice. And if you have costs related problems, you can convey this directly with the management of the health facility where you have checked yourself in order to find the best solution.

Hope this helps ...

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