Should Infants Be Given Additional Vitamins To Prevent Corona

Illustration of Should Infants Be Given Additional Vitamins To Prevent Corona
Illustration: Should Infants Be Given Additional Vitamins To Prevent Corona

Doc whether toddlers need extra vitamins to prevent corona. Thank you

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The new type of Corona Virus infection or Covid-19 can attack various ages. However, covid cases often occur in adults and elderly patients. Even so, this prevention effort for Covid-19 infection still needs to be done both for your child and other families. Covid-19 infections that infect children, on average occur in the range of children aged 6-7 years, and younger or older ages should still be sought to prevent transmission of this viral infection.

Whenever Covid-19 infection occurs, symptoms appear lighter than in adulthood or old age, especially in adult and twilight patients with pre-existing chronic diseases. The initial symptoms felt by patients of all ages are almost the same, namely complaints of cough, fever, red throat to tightness. This complaint will be a reference for evaluating the risk of children with Cocvid-19 infection, but also needs to be supported by risk factors, namely:

In the past 14 days, the child has a history of contact with a suspicious patient with Covid-19 and or contact with a positive patient with Covid-19
In the past 14 days, the child and family are traveling in an area at risk of covid-19 transmission or you and your family are in the local transmission area of ​​Covid-19 infection

So that by preventing existing risk factors, you, your family and your child can cut the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 Virus infection. If these risk factors are still being carried out, such as family and children still traveling, taking children to shop, taking children out of the house far away or meeting other people or families who do not know their health condition, or maybe in your environment someone is infected and your child is playing , these will increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

If several attempts and recommendations from the government are made, then you, your family and children will avoid Covid-19 infection or the risk of infection with Covid-19 transmission will be smaller. Therefore, meet prevention recommendations suggested by the government or experts, such as:

Stay at home
Avoid traveling far or traveling by inviting children, especially for activities that can be postponed
Use a mask, whether you, your family, or your child
Familiarize yourself, your child and your family washing your hands, especially when you are going to care for your child or after caring for him or after you get home
If you or an adult in your home travel or leave the house, you should not hold anything before washing your hands, showering and changing clothes
Do social distancing with others, especially patients who are sick, to prevent bringing risk to the home

Thus, this prevention becomes important for you and your family, while adding vitamins to you does not forbid it even if it is not in a specific recommendation, so you can provide additional vitamins for your child at the recommended dosage. Read the instructions for using the drug on the label. In addition to additional vitamins, you can also provide healthy food and milk to help support your child's health. Avoid physical fatigue due to play or lack of sleep. And if your child has a sick complaint or you have a sick complaint, then visit your doctor immediately.

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