Should MR Immunization While Pregnant?

Illustration of Should MR Immunization While Pregnant?
Illustration: Should MR Immunization While Pregnant?

Good afternoon ,,,, Just keep it like this ,,, I am a pregnancy program for the first time ,,, u0026amp; according to the information I got for pre-pregnancy, I have to immunize rubella first ,,,, is currently required to carry out the immunization ,,, Please explain … Thank you

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Hi Amalia,

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The MR vaccine is done to provide active immunity against 2 types of diseases, namely measles (measles) and rubella (German measles), which are both caused by viral infections.

Measles can be characterized by fever, the appearance of a reddish skin rash that spreads almost all over the body. Patients generally will also experience cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye), muscle and joint pain, weakness, decreased appetite, and various other symptoms. If you get treatment too late, measles can lead to serious complications, namely ear infections, diarrhea, pneumonia, brain damage, and even death.

Meanwhile, rubella often makes sufferers experience fever, sore throat, reddish skin rash, itching, headache, red eyes, and so on. This disease is actually mostly mild. However, if this infection is transmitted to pregnant women, the fetus in the womb is at high risk for miscarriage, stillbirth, or having severe congenital defects.

On the basis of the above considerations, women who are undergoing pregnancy planning are strongly advised to undergo MR immunization. Thus, the risk of infection during pregnancy can be minimized properly. You should consult directly with your doctor or gynecologist. Because, the MR vaccine is not recommended to be given to women who are about to become pregnant or are actually pregnant. The distance between the MR vaccine and the ideal pregnancy to prevent the risk of dangerous complications is 4 weeks or more.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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