Should The Consumption Of Hypertension Medication In Patients With Heart Swelling?

then is there an appropriate treatment for my mother, and whether the water consumption needs to be done from the limits of normal consumption normally? together,

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The heart muscle resembles other muscles in our body, such as the biceps and triceps in the arms, if used / trained, hypertrophy or mass gain will occur. For heart muscle, patients with high blood pressure for a long time will force the heart to pump stronger, so that the supply of oxygen and nutrients can reach the entire body. So the heart swelling condition is an irreversible condition, which means its size cannot return to a normal heart.

Therefore, the target treatment for swelling of the heart is not to cure or restore the size of the heart muscle like a normal person, but to control blood pressure within normal limits, to prevent complications.

While it's true that high fluid volumes can cause high blood pressure, as long as your mother's kidney and other organs function is still normal, our body will regulate blood pressure by adjusting fluid levels according to each individual by passing urine and sweat. Therefore, fluid restriction is not performed in patients with swelling of the heart without heart failure and kidney failure. Make sure your mother still consumes enough fluids.

Each drug has side effects, and each type of drug has different side effects. Therefore, every drug administration, especially long-term medication is always considered by doctors and pharmacists to provide more benefits than side effects.

Diabetes mellitus is a state of high blood sugar levels, one of which is that blood tends to become thicker, and blood pressure becomes relatively higher. Similarly for cholesterol levels. That is why hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol often occur together in patients.

Especially for heart enlargement, the best treatment is to control blood pressure, control blood sugar levels (especially in diabetic patients), and control cholesterol levels. It should be remembered that the treatment of hypertension and diabetes is a life-long treatment, but if lived patiently and diligently will improve the quality of life and prolong patient life expectancy, when compared with patients with uncontrolled blood pressure and sugar. So the consumption of hypertension and diabetes medications is actually highly recommended.

If your mother experiences symptoms of side effects of hypertension medications, such as feeling weak, pain in the muscles, heartburn, itching, coughing, dizziness, or heart palpitations, please consult your doctor. I advise your mother to routinely control at a cardiologist and internist, so that the dose, side effects, and interactions between drugs can be adjusted to your mother's current condition.

Thus information from me, hopefully can help. If you have doubts or something else you want to ask, do not hesitate to ask again.


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