Should The Mask Be Used For TB Treatment For 6 Months?

Illustration of Should The Mask Be Used For TB Treatment For 6 Months?
Illustration: Should The Mask Be Used For TB Treatment For 6 Months?

Hello, my mother is currently in the treatment of tuberculosis by taking drugs for 6 months and has only been running for 1 and a half months, which I want to ask if the use of masks must be full for 6 months. Thank you

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Hi Danny,

TB or TB is a disease caused by infection with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease can attack various organs, but most occur in the lungs so that generally divided into pulmonary TB and extra TB (outside) lung.

TB treatment is done by a combination of several drugs at once (multidrug therapy / MDT) and is divided into 2 phases, namely intensive and advanced phases. The intensive phase of TB treatment generally lasts 2 months (can be more, depending on the response of therapy and improvement of the disease) with 4 drug combinations (can be more). This intensive phase is very important because it aims to reduce levels of bacteria effectively and minimize the possibility of germs becoming resistant to drugs.

Because the intensive phase is also the initial phase of treatment and there are still many active germs, in this phase patients are generally required to wear a mask to prevent transmission to others. After the intensive phase is completed the doctor will conduct further evaluations, if based on the results of a physical examination and good support the doctor can advise the patient to take off the mask, so mask use generally only lasts 2 months and needs to be adjusted to the patient's treatment response.

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dr. Budiono

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