Should Typhus Be Treated At The Hospital?

Illustration of Should Typhus Be Treated At The Hospital?
Illustration: Should Typhus Be Treated At The Hospital?

Afternoon, I checked the lab. widal and the results * S.Typhi O = 1/320, S.Typhi H = 1/80. * Others are negative (okay). The first doctor said I did not need to be treated in the hospital. My body condition was weak, fever, keliyengan, but not vomiting. Then after 3 days, I control again because it is still a bit keliyengan, but the fever is not already. Control with the doctor is different, because the doctor was previously not there … with results like that I should be treated at the hospital … Well, I got confused. With lab results as well treated or not? Thank you

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From the results of laboratory tests on your blood there is indeed an infection from the bacteria Salmonellypyphii which causes typhoid fever. This disease is spread through food or drinks that are contaminated by these bacteria.

for treatment in hospital depending on the results of the lab and the condition of the patient there are some things that patients must be treated even though it actually depends on the doctor who examines you directly because those who know better your condition

Your type of care should be treated at the hospital, if:

Your symptoms worsen, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling in the abdomen.
Typhus patients are still children or toddlers.
The typhus attack actually develops into complications of typhus in the digestive system, in the form of internal bleeding and perforation that spreads to the surrounding tissues.

Treatment of actual tipes can be done both at home and in the hospital. The most important thing is that typing treatment can give you a really complete rest for several weeks until your condition is fully recovered, because the symptoms caused by typhus will generally make you really feel weak.

In addition to total rest, you should also be able to ensure adequate levels of fluid content in your body, and the cleanliness and nutrition of the food and drinks you consume are maintained. Remember, the cause of your typhus is unclean food and drinks, and you can transmit the bacteria to people around you.

In addition, diseases caused by bacterial attacks will usually be treated with antibiotics. If your type of treatment is carried out in a hospital, the treatment you will receive will usually be in the form of antibiotic injections and the insertion of nutrients and fluids into your body through an IV needle. Meanwhile, if you treat your typhus at home, antibiotics will be administered by mouth (oral).

And it should be noted that there must be a difference between the treatments carried out at the hospital and at home. Usually in patients undergoing treatment in hospital, the condition will gradually improve after 3-5 days of treatment. Whereas for typhus sufferers who are treated at home, it will likely take about 1-2 weeks to improve. So now it really depends on your clinical condition and the considerations of your family.

There are several things you can do:

take the medicine regularly given by the doctor and finish the medicine when you feel better
Drink a lot of water
eat regularly. You can also consume your food in smaller portions but with a more frequent frequency if you feel nauseous
wash your hands before eating and defecate using soap
see enough to avoid a lot of motion

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