Shoulder Pain After Falling From The Motor?

Illustration of Shoulder Pain After Falling From The Motor?
Illustration: Shoulder Pain After Falling From The Motor?

Thursday I fell from the motorbike yesterday .. both of my arms are shoulder-like it feels stiff pain when I wake up. Sometimes fever but the temperature is not high. 2 days later I massage, but it still feels a little feverish pain. What drug can I take? So, what should I do?

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Hello Jarwati,

Thank you for the question.

Pain in the arm to the shoulder after falling from the motor can refer to mild conditions, but can also be dangerous. Mild fever that you feel is most likely to occur due to inflammation that occurs naturally after injury. This mild pain and fever you should be aware of is dangerous if:

Appears accompanied by extensive and / or deep open sores, especially those that continue to bleed actively
Appears accompanied by bone deformity, especially open fractures
Appears accompanied by severe swelling, limited movement, bruises that do not go away in 3 days

If there are signs of danger above, you need to see yourself directly to the doctor or surgeon. Worried, your complaint refers to a serious condition, such as a broken or fractured bone, dislocation or inflammation of the joints, ligament injury, nerve pain, bone infection or other organ systems, and many other potential medical disorders, both related to injuries you have previously experienced , or not.

However, if the complaints that appear mild, you should not panic first. Your complaint can be alleviated first by:

Never again carelessly massage the painful area
Get more rest, don't overactivity with your arms to your shoulders, such as lifting heavy weights, writing or using gadgets
Compress with ice cubes or apply a pain reliever cream in the painful area
Take paracetamol so that pain and fever subside
Drink more water and eat healthy and nutritious food

Hope this helps ...

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