Shoulder Pain Radiating To The Arms And Elbows And Fingers Feel Cramps?

Illustration of Shoulder Pain Radiating To The Arms And Elbows And Fingers Feel Cramps?
Illustration: Shoulder Pain Radiating To The Arms And Elbows And Fingers Feel Cramps?

Good evening! R n r n My name is Dina, Pr, 34 yrs. I have complaints of pain in the shoulder blades (sometimes sharp pain like being stabbed), radiating to the forearm, upper arm, sometimes it hurts to the elbow. The affected part feels warm to the touch. Occurs in both shoulder blades, but most commonly on the left. It feels even more at night when you lie down / want to sleep. So it’s hard to sleep. If you wake up in the morning, your fingers like to cramp (you can’t immediately hold it for a while), previously only your little finger now adds sweet finger. R nWhat are the indications of disease? And to what parts can I check? R n r nThank you for the answer.

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Hello Dina, thank you for using the service.

We understand your uncomfortable complaint. At a glance, based on the complaints you feel, the essence of the problem is the nerves that supply the arms to the little finger. Here are some diseases related to the complaints you feel:

Cervical Root Syndrome (CRS): a collection of symptoms caused by pressure on the nerve roots that come out of the cervical spine. Symptoms are such as pain radiating from the nape to the shoulder, upper arm to the forearm, and fingers. Apart from pain, other sensations such as tingling can also be felt due to the effect of suppressing these nerves. If this situation lasts for a long time, the effect in a short time is muscle weakness, because the patient is reluctant to move his hands because of pain.

Cervical Facet Syndrome (CFS): neck pain that has been felt for more than 6 months. Neck pain can radiate to the nape, shoulders, and hands due to muscle disorders.

Cervical Discogenic Pain Syndrome: stiffness in the neck that usually affects women, due to an injury to the cervical spine.

Of the several complaints that you feel, then you should check with a neurologist directly, to find the exact cause of the complaint. With early treatment, further complications from the disease can be prevented. Some of the complications that may occur include:

frequent tingling
muscle weakness
muscles become smaller
decreased daily activities due to limited movement

It is possible that after the neurologist examines your clinic with several physical examination methods such as provocation tests, head distraction tests, valsalva maneuvers, additional examinations are usually considered to better determine the cause of the pain that appears. Additional examinations can be in the form of Rongten or MRI.

Pain medication to relieve pain is not a solution to pain-related problems that you like to complain about, of course it needs to be balanced with special exercises and physical therapy that only physiotherapy can do. You can do exercises yourself at home to reduce the pain, such as by moving the neck forward, shrugging and strengthening muscles and avoiding movements such as tilting and lowering the head in an extreme manner.

All you need to know, precautions can be taken early to reduce the severity, such as:

pay attention to body position in carrying out activities / daily activities
use a pillow with a neck and shoulder support position when you sleep
reduce the activity of looking up or looking down for too long

So much information from us, hopefully it will be answered and useful. Thanks.

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