Shoulder Pain, Swelling And Pain When Pressed?

Illustration of Shoulder Pain, Swelling And Pain When Pressed?
Illustration: Shoulder Pain, Swelling And Pain When Pressed?

Hello, initially 2 days when my hand was grazed, it hurt in the right shoulder blades, the same to the chest too. now my right shoulder blades are painful, especially the one that sticks out at the neck, a bit swollen and if it hurts, why is it? Thanks

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Hello. Thank you for asking

The shoulder blade (scapula) is a triangular bone that connects the upper arm bone to the clavicula (collarbone). The shoulder blades are located behind the shoulders / upper back and help to move the arms and shoulders. Shoulderbone pain is generally not a condition to worry about. Shoulderbone pain can be caused by several factors such as:

Trauma / back injury resulting in a broken shoulder blade
Muscle tension or pain
Shoulder muscle injury
Wrong posture is like sitting for too long at the computer
Excessive exercise
Pulmonary embolism

Arthritis (inflammation of the joints)

Some of the steps below you can take to reduce pain include:

Take pain relievers such as paracetamol
Warm compresses on the sore
Get enough rest
Stretching (stretching) the back muscles
Reduce arm activity on the part that hurts

If the pain you are experiencing is very severe and has interfered with your activities and to find out the exact cause, a physical examination and supporting examinations are needed such as X-rays, EMG (electromyographic) and others by a doctor. After a definite cause is found, the doctor will treat it based on the cause. May be useful. Greetings, Dr. Shirly

For more information, read the article: Causes and Ways to Overcome Shoulderbone Pain

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