Shut Your Mouth When Sneezing Is It Dangerous?

Good morning, I want to ask … so I was sneezing, but when my mouth was full of saliva, my mouth closed when it sneezed, but when it sneezed it felt like it came out of its sneezing nose, what was the danger?

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Sneezing is usually a reflex of the body to remove harmful substances from the upper airway, which is around the nasal cavity to the throat. When the airway enters dangerous substances (such as dust, animal hair, or other irritants), the receptors in the mucous layer (mucous membranes) of the nasal cavity will send impulses through the fifth cranial nerve to the sneezing center in the medulla oblongata, in order to expel the substance from entering to the deeper respiratory tract. As a result, the body will reflex sneezing, which is where the esophagus and eyes close, the tongue rises to the roof of the mouth, then the chest muscles and diaphragm will contract strongly. In this way, mucus that contains harmful substances can get out, both from the nose and from the mouth.

Closing your mouth when sneezing is not really a dangerous action. But indeed, excessive mucus sneezing through the nasal cavity often causes sufferers to feel uncomfortable, such as a nose that feels itchy, sore, to excessive watering. These complaints will often improve on their own, unless you basically have problems with the respiratory tract, for example due to allergies, irritations, infections, benign or malignant tumors, to other conditions.

If you do not feel a disturbing uncomfortable sensation (as mentioned above), you should not have to worry. You can consult further with your doctor or ENT specialist at the nearest health facility if needed.

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