Illustration of Sick?
Illustration: Sick?

Congratulations mlm .. nI want to ask, I want to ask you, from the x-ray photo and blood and heart check, but the doctor said the results were all good but in the x-ray results the doctor said there was a kind of spot on the lungs of my mother and the doctor said everything was good. I still cmas with the dot on the lungs, what is the danger ??

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Hello Mira,

The point on the X-ray examination is not necessarily an abnormality. On x-rays, they are usually black and white. Black usually signifies that it consists of air or looser tissue, while white is more dense tissue. For example, a solid organ such as bone or metal will produce a white color. If there is fluid, muscle, fat, the color will be more dull or grayish, while black is air.

Because you don't see the X-rays directly, it is certainly difficult to determine what the cause of the point is. But if your mother's doctor states that there are no abnormalities, and that she has no complaints, there should be no need to worry.

If there are complaints, you should check with a doctor. You can also ask the doctor who checks whether the point you are referring to.

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