Illustration of Sick?
Illustration: Sick?

Good morning, It’s been two days my child felt pain in his back until it moved to the right abdomen, sometimes moved to the liver, the pain was like being stabbed or what pain was it tadok ?? And what is the medicine ??

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There are several causes of complaints that you experience between:

 Kidney stone muscle injury: Usually the pain due to kidney stones is severe, especially when some stones move to the ureter or channel that connects the kidneys with the bladder. stomach ulcers inflammation of the intestine and pancreas and liver urinary tract infections to ensure examination must be done by a doctor directly, so the doctor can find out the cause by conducting a direct examination with a physical examination, blood check, ultrasound etc. so the doctor can provide treatment according to the cause.

There are several things you can do while going to the doctor:

 You can compress the affected part with your warm water while taking pain medications such as paracetamol, consume plenty of water, at least 2 liters, do light exercise, rest enough to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drink caffeine, avoid high-fat, acidic and spicy foods. I give

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