Sickness Coughing Colds May Not Drink Vomiting Aged 2 Years

Illustration of Sickness Coughing Colds May Not Drink Vomiting Aged 2 Years
Illustration: Sickness Coughing Colds May Not Drink Vomiting Aged 2 Years

Mlam the doctor said ibux shofiya ank I was 2 years old on Saturday I was hot I could not be able to drink it because I didn’t get hot cough then it was hard to drink water and milk every time I drank cough and it was already coughing 3 days before I could not drink mlm this was too hot the soles of the feet and hands are cold, please help me, how am I worried about the season of the corona virus?

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Hello Santi,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, cough, runny nose, difficulty eating, vomiting, cold hands and feet in children can indicate that he has an infection. Not only Corona virus, infection with various types of viruses and other bacteria can also cause complaints like this. This infection can occur in the respiratory system (eg rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia) or other organ systems. Not infrequently, this infection can also be worsened by allergies, acid reflux, inflammation disorders, foreign body aspiration, heart problems, and many other medical conditions.

If it's true that your child's complaints have appeared since 4 days ago, and have not improved with treatment from a doctor, you should check back to the doctor or pediatrician. Through physical examination, coupled with blood tests, x-rays, or other supporting tests, often the doctor can already identify the exact cause of your complaint, then handle it properly.

In the meantime, you can first do the following handling efforts at home:

Give the baby more to drink and eat nutritiously
Don't give children food that is cold, greasy, and made with sweetness
If the child has difficulty eating, just feed him little but often, not forced
Keep children from cold, smoke, dust, animal hair, and other substances that are prone to exacerbate a cold cough
Don't take the baby out of the house, unless it's urgent
Dry baby in the morning sun, so that the mucus that causes coughs and colds melts
Give the baby clothes that warm and absorb the sweat
Wash your child with warm water, and wash their hands diligently to keep them clean
Relieve the heat by giving him paracetamol and a warm compress to the neck and armpits using warm water

Hope this helps ...

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