Side Effects After Inhaling Cannabis?

Illustration of Side Effects After Inhaling Cannabis?
Illustration: Side Effects After Inhaling Cannabis?

6 days ago I used marijuana for the first time (my friend said it contained THC 26 milligrams) that I sucked about 3 times a suction and to this day I feel sleepy and I am not fully conscious. Am I affected by schizophernia? and if you don’t think what happened to me? Please answer quickly I’m very panicked

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Marijuana, also known as marijuana, is one type of plant that has various effects on the body. Its use can be rolled or smoked like a cigarette pipe, and its benefits can also be used as medicine, but more often misused because of its effects that can provide pleasure. But the pleasure is not worth the adverse effects it provides.

Plants that have other names. Cannabis sativa affects the performance of various organs in the body, such as lungs in the form of increasing the risk of lungs 70% higher than cigarettes, the brain can cause impaired ability to think, memory and decrease brain function, mental health can worsen conditions and increase schizophrenia recurrence, increase the risk of heart attack, and many more. Besides that, the legal use of cannabis is also prohibited, and can make people who plant, maintain, own or save it with criminal sanctions up to 12 years and fines of up to Rp 8 billion.

Regarding your question, as we mentioned before, cannabis does increase the risk of recurrence and worsens the condition of schizophrenics, but it does not cause schizophrenia. Until now the cause of schizophrenia is still unknown, and if indeed you are affected by the disease, you can not distinguish between reality and fantasy, not just always feeling sleepy and feeling completely unconscious. What you feel is more the effect of cannabis on your brain, regardless of how much you use.

Our advice, you should consult a psychiatrist, because a psychiatrist is a specialist doctor who can deal with people with the consumption of illegal drugs. You will be given guidance and a thorough check on your body, to find out if it needs special action or just wait until the effects disappear by themselves.

In the meantime, of course, do not ever try banned substances like this again, because if you are addicted, you will be very tormented and very dependent which makes your life no longer free as usual. Be more careful in choosing relationships, and don't try something that is clearly prohibited. So, hopefully answering your question.

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