Side Effects After Polio Immunization?

Illustration of Side Effects After Polio Immunization?
Illustration: Side Effects After Polio Immunization?

Good evening..Mo ask, Does ipv immunization cause fever? What are the side effects if ipv is not given. Thanks

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As we all know, IPV is an acronym for Inactivated Polio Vaccine, which is where giving immunity to a child is given through an injection that contains an inactivated polio virus. The basic polio vaccine is given 4 times, at the time of birth, then at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th month. After birth, polio vaccination is given orally in the mouth of the baby, then after that it can be given orally or given by injection / injection, however, at least every child must get one dose of IPV / polio vaccination by injection.

The purpose of this vaccination is certainly to provide immunity to the child so that it can be protected from dangerous polio virus infections, where complications from poliovirus infection include disability, foot and hip deformities, and paralysis that can be temporary or even permanent.

For this reason, Indonesia claims to be one of the countries participating in the eradication of polio by vaccinating. And like other side effects of vaccination, polio vaccination can also cause mild side effects such as mild fever, pain in the injection site or rash on the injection site. And these side effects can still be overcome at home by giving the drug paracetamol in accordance with the doctor's advice.

Because complications that can occur are so dangerous if the child is not vaccinated against polio, it is best if the immunization is still given to the child. And you still need to pay attention to a number of things related to preparation before polio immunization, namely paying attention to allergic reactions in children to injectable polio immunization, and your child's physical condition / condition whether he is healthy or sick before being injected with polio. You can consult with your doctor to find out more about the risk of side effects and appropriate treatment before immunizing IPV or OPV. Never miss a polio immunization and always pay attention to your child's immunization schedule.

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