Side Effects After Using KB Injections For 3 Months?

Illustration of Side Effects After Using KB Injections For 3 Months?
Illustration: Side Effects After Using KB Injections For 3 Months?

I want to ask, right after giving birth after the postpartum period, and then after my menstruation, my menstruation lasted for almost 1 month after 2 months until I haven’t had my period … Is it normal? And I also think not to continue KB 3 months .. And I use KB naturally outside .. That even when I use KB every hub with my husband is always outside Naah I am curious about being pregnant I check using tests but the results are negative .. Is the injection reaction KB then there’s still why not menstruation menstruation ,. Until now? And after 8 months I was not in KB, I just used KB again and I want to ask if I already used KB, if the pregnancy will occur because I don’t menstruate.

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Three-month birth control injections are one of the hormonal contraceptives containing progestin, a hormone that resembles the hormone progesterone produced by the ovaries. After being injected, progestin has the effect of thickening the cervix so that sperm cells have difficulty moving toward the uterus. Hormone performance has side effects for the body. There are several possible side effects.

changes in menstrual cycles: KB injections can cause changes in the menstrual cycle, either becoming longer or shorter. During the first use, menstruation prolongs, spots (spotting), then menstruation will become rare or stop altogether. About 40 percent of users stop menstruating after one year of use.
It can take up to a year after being stopped if you want to return to fertility. This makes this type of contraception not recommended for those who want to have children soon.
body weight increase in injecting family planning acceptors ranges from 1-2 kilograms per year. The reason, the hormone progesterone in injection KB can increase appetite by affecting the central appetite control in the hypothalamus.

those are some of the effects that may occur but each individual has different body conditions, so you don't need to worry about what you are experiencing is natural because the use of 3-month KB injections makes your menstruation disrupted even if you can not menstruate, make you menstruate not mean you are in a period of time fertile, because this is the effect of the injection and to restore fertility takes about 1 year. even though you immediately stop using it the effects of the drug still exist.

You can discuss directly with your obstetrician for the choice of birth control that suits you or what you want, so many choices of birth control, and it is better if you are worried while having sex you can while using a protector like a condom.

You can also read articles to prevent pregnancy with natural birth control

weigh the advantages and disadvantages of family planning injections

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