Side Effects Of Body Fat?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Body Fat?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Body Fat? ,,,, good afternoon🙂 I would like to consult about my condition at this time … I am overweight, I am 70kg … Now I feel symptoms of snoring sleep, foot odor, … Will more natural diseases arise from this risk? I also feel whether bad breath is also the effect of this fat. Whereas before like snoring, the smell of the feet I have never experienced before my weight went up … so, thanks 🙂

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Good evening Choirul, thank you for asking at

Excessive body weight (can be overweight or obese) is a condition that is not good for your body's health because this condition can trigger many diseases that accompany such as increased cholesterol levels, diabetes (diabetes), heart disease (heart attack), blood pressure height, etc. so that having a fat body / having excessive weight is not recommended.

Snoring complaints that you experience at this time can indeed be caused by excessive body weight due to excessive fat accumulation in the area around the respiratory tract (such as the neck or stomach) can compress the canal so that its size decreases and complicates the passage of air into the respiratory tract .

The smell of the foot that appears can indeed be caused by the excess weight that you experience because people who are overweight tend to sweat more, including in the leg area. Sweat that appears on the feet can be mixed with bacteria that are on the soles of your feet and also your footwear, causing an unpleasant odor.

While bad breath is generally not directly related to excess weight, but can also be caused by other diseases that accompany a person such as dental infections, diabetes, flu, tonsillitis, thrush, kidney disorders, liver disorders, or stomach acid disease.

For now, because excess weight is not a good condition, plus it has caused complaints to you, it is highly recommended that you consult further with your doctor to check whether your complaints do arise due to excess weight or whether there is other conditions, as well as to consult about the solution that is most appropriate for you, both to overcome complaints and to lose weight you become more ideal.

I hope this helps.

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