Side Effects Of Broken Finger Veins

Illustration of Side Effects Of Broken Finger Veins
Illustration: Side Effects Of Broken Finger Veins

What if the finger vein operation breaks?

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The movement of the fingers is regulated mainly by muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, nerve fibers, and other tissues attached to it. The breakdown of one of the supporting tissues of the movement of the fingers, obviously can greatly interfere with the movement of your hand. Not only that, this condition can also cause the hands to swell, feel pain, numbness, bruises, stiffness, weakness, and various other complaints appear with varying intensity.

Depending on what kind of tissue damage occurs, this condition will need to be treated differently, some are sufficient with conservative care (such as immobilization, administration of drugs, physiotherapy) and some require more invasive steps (such as surgery).

The term finger vein you mentioned could actually refer to a broad spectrum of conditions. Because, what is called "tendon" by ordinary people can also mean broad. Therefore, the most entitled to decide what treatment steps need to be taken to overcome this condition, surely the doctor or orthopedic surgeon who examined you directly. Even if there is a need for surgery, then what kind of surgery will be performed is only the doctor who checks you who knows the most.

But in general, most operations on the hand are relatively safe, and minimal risk of causing dangerous side effects, provided that they are performed by competent medical personnel, with the right indications. In some cases, side effects can occur, such as bleeding, surgical site infections, injury to surrounding tissues, drug allergies, and so on. But generally, as long as you exercise good control after surgery, these side effects can be detected and treated early on, if they do.

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