Side Effects Of Consuming Birth Control Pills And Soft Drinks When Pregnant?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Consuming Birth Control Pills And Soft Drinks When Pregnant?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Consuming Birth Control Pills And Soft Drinks When Pregnant?

Greetings. R nI want to ask, my wife and I have been having a husband-wife relationship for more than a week. R nBut when it was over suddenly my wife immediately came for months. R nThe next day my wife immediately taking birth control pills as usual. r nAnd less than 1 day my wife started her habit of drinking coca-cola soda water. r nThe question is, will this work cause pregnancy ??? r nEven if it is true that pregnancy will occur, is it harmless to the fetus when taking birth control pills and soda water ??? r n r nPlease explain. r nThank you

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Hello Arif, thank you for the question for

First of all, I want to confirm beforehand, has your wife (including before sexual intercourse) been taking birth control pills regularly?

If indeed your wife takes birth control pills on a regular basis according to schedule, then the possibility of pregnancy is very small or almost non-existent. If indeed your wife also immediately menstruates after you have sexual intercourse, it means that you and your wife have sexual intercourse when your wife is infertile, and if you have sexual intercourse when you are not fertile, pregnancy will not occur.

Even if pregnancy does occur, taking birth control pills and drinking soda will not cause any particular harm to the fetus. If indeed you and your partner are still in doubt whether pregnancy has occurred or not (for example, if your wife does not take birth control pills regularly, or the menstruation that occurs after sexual intercourse is not the usual menstruation or only spots), your wife can do a pregnancy check with a test pack if your wife experiences a menstrual delay in the following month. Get a pee check first in the morning for more accurate results.

Although it will not have a certain impact on the fetus in the event of pregnancy, regular consumption of soft drinks is not recommended. Soft drinks contain sugar and calories which are very high which can cause obesity and increase the risk of various other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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