Side Effects Of Continual Use Of Laxatives?

Good afternoon, I want to ask. so I have poor digestion. I can defecate once in three days. then, about 5 months ago I broke up if I passed without 2 days of defecating, I consume dulcolax laxatives and up to now with the intensity of 2 tablets once I take direct bowel movements, and even then, if I pass after 2 days, I haven’t consumed new BAB. What do I do with my laxative? Are there any side effects in the future or not? and how can I be able to cure my defecation?

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Good evening Frengky Arianto S, thank you for asking

The definition of constipation / functional constipation (which is not due to organ / anatomical problems) is based on Rome II criteria, ie if for at least 12 weeks there are at least 2 of:

Straining> 25% defecation CHAPTER hard> 25% defecation Dissatisfaction CHAPTER> 25% defecation Sensation of blockage in the anus> 25% defecation Manual maneuver (eg assisted with fingers) to help CHAPTER> 25% defecation Less than 3 times CHAPTER / week . You said that if you have not defecated in 2 days, you immediately take a laxative, even though not only the frequency is seen but also the consistency of faeces, the pushing and feeling of defecation that defecates need to be evaluated for diagnosis of constipation. If you CHAPTER 2-3 days with ordinary consistency and without pushing, you are not said to be experiencing constipation (still normal). But these things do need evaluation and direct examination to diagnose definitely.

It is recommended that you improve your lifestyle, such as:

Consume fiber of at least 20-35gram / day (obtained from green vegetables and fruit such as papaya) Must drink enough, at least 2 liters of water a day, and more if the weather is hotter or after exercising Avoid coffee, tea, cigarettes and alcohol Do regular exercise so that the movement of usu becomes more active. The recommended sports are aerobic (like cycling, running, swimming) with a frequency of 3-5 times / week @ 30-45 minutes. Sufficient sleep needs 7-8 hours / day Avoid stress If after improving your lifestyle you still experience constipation, can consult with your doctor to be given laxatives.

Laxatives themselves soften the stool (making it easier for water to enter the digestive tract to be absorbed by the stool so that the stool's texture becomes softer), such as for example Lactulose syrup (labeled with green medicine). In addition there are laxatives that are stimulating the work of the intestine, by stimulating nerves in the intestine to speed up the disposal of feces, one of which as you mentioned in the question. Laculose is more recommended than the drug you mentioned above, based on how it works. You can take Lactulose syrup three times a day (maximum 1 week) and must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle as mentioned above (especially eating lots of fiber: eat papaya and green vegetables as the main menu, drink water at least 2 liters a day, and avoid coffee, tea, cigarettes, alcohol). If after doing the things above you still experience constipation, you should consult with a doctor or visit a specialist in internal medicine for further evaluation and treatment. The doctor will probably do a supporting examination such as radiological photographs with contrast or binoculars through the anus if judged there are indications.

It is not recommended to use laxatives for more than one week in a row because it can cause dependence and decrease the body's ability to remove impurities.

The complications of constipation include: aggravating hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids; fecal impaction can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and injury to the lower intestine; anal wounds that cause pain. If things have happened like this, you should immediately consult a doctor.

All our answers, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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