Side Effects Of Cutting Part Of The Intestine In A 13-year-old Teenager?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Cutting Part Of The Intestine In A 13-year-old Teenager?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Cutting Part Of The Intestine In A 13-year-old Teenager? Bing


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Hello good morning Desimaya.

The action you are referring to is called intestinal resection, which is an act of cutting a portion of the intestine (large intestine or small intestine) that is damaged or disturbed, and if after the section of the intestine is cut there is still healthy intestine remaining, then an anastomosis action will be carried out, namely connecting the last two parts of the remaining intestine that had been cut earlier.

Some conditions that require bowel resection include:

malignancy in the intestine
benign tumors of the intestine

Crohn's disease, which is inflammation of all layers of the digestive wall from the mouth to the anus that is chronic

diverticulitis is inflammation of the diverticula sacs (sacs that form along the digestive tract, especially in the large intestine) due to infection
Meckel's diverticulum (a sac in the intestine that is congenital)
bleeding in the intestine that cannot be stopped by means other than surgery.

Some conditions that can occur after bowel resection include recurrent diarrhea (most often), inability to absorb nutrients and vitamins (intestinal malabsorption), intestinal bleeding, intestinal infection, collection of pus in the inside of the abdomen, hernia, dehiscence / reopening of scars. surgery. It is the recurrent diarrhea and intestinal malabsorption that may be causing your nephew to lose more weight.

Regarding your question, regarding what foods can be eaten, you should consult the treating doctor and the nutritionist at the hospital where your nephew is being treated. In general, the food that is usually given to patients who have undergone intestinal resection is a soft textured food, low in fiber, and easy to digest. Some foods that should be avoided in the first 4-6 weeks after bowel resection surgery include: meat wrapped in sausages, fresh fruits (except bananas), juices accompanied by fruit grains, unprocessed vegetables such as salads, etc. After 6 weeks postoperatively, introduce the intestines slowly with foods that were previously avoided, but must be based on the results of consultation and approval of the treating doctor. To avoid intestinal malabsorption, always chew food until it is as soft as a mashed boiled potato, besides that, give food in small portions 5-6 times a day and eat slowly, this can help better absorption of nutrients. Patients undergoing bowel resection surgery also have a tendency to lose a lot of fluids, avoid drinking water quickly and a lot at once as this can worsen bowel movements. Instead, it is recommended that you drink small amounts of fluids throughout the day (slightly but often).

Regarding the treatment that must be done, it must be returned to the surgeon who has treated your nephew, because he is the one who knows the actual condition and development of your nephew's disease. The final result of the condition after bowel resection surgery in each patient will vary, therefore please consult again with the doctor. Consult and ask things that you and your family want to know until they are clear.

That's all, hope it helps. Regards, dr. Denisa

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