Side Effects Of Doing The Gym With A Pen In The Body?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Doing The Gym With A Pen In The Body?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Doing The Gym With A Pen In The Body? Bing

Hello doctor, I just had a motorcycle accident one year ago and required me to put a pen on the right collarbone, is it safe/recommended if I do sports activities such as workouts or the gym with the platinum/pen still attached? rnrnWhat bad things/risks will happen if I don’t take the pen off when I go to the gym or workout?

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Hello Mr Suvrandi,

The placement of a pen on the part of the broken bone or (fracture) serves to correct the position of the bone and strengthen the shape of the bone so that it can be fused in a good position, it takes at least 2 months to heal and the bone is fused. During the healing process, it is necessary to re-control such as evaluation with X-rays to monitor bone union. Removal of the pen is not always performed on bones that have healed, considering the patient's complaints such as pain when moving the bone, bone infection or slow healing process. In healing to restore the motion function of the broken bone, physiotherapy will be carried out first. Before doing strenuous exercise such as lifting weights, it is best to check with an orthopedic specialist first whether the bones have healed completely and the condition of the pens in the bones whether there are complications. If the condition of the bone heals well and the location of the pen is safe and strong, or the pen is not too much attached to the bone, the exercise can be carried out under expert supervision and should not be strenuous. One of the benefits of exercise is strengthening bones, of course with the help of nutritious foods high in calcium and vitamin D. The risks that may occur when doing weightlifting when the bones are not yet fused are bone fragility, bone shifts, pain during exercise.

Avoid lifting weights that are too heavy, do it gradually and need expert supervision. Stop the exercise movement if it causes bone pain. Do sports such as swimming to help strengthen bones. eat nutritious foods rich in vitamin D and calcium such as milk, green vegetables, fish, if necessary take special bone supplements. If the pain stops the exercise, rest the bone movement, compress the bone area with cold water and take paracetamol as a first step to deal with pain before going to the doctor. hopefully useful. click the article: Broken collarbone. Fractures require orthopedic treatment

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