Side Effects Of Falling From A Motorbike While Menstruating?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Falling From A Motorbike While Menstruating?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Falling From A Motorbike While Menstruating?

Ass … I want to ask … when a few days ago I was hit by a motorbike and fell from the motorbike … and at that time my position was having my period … I experienced shortness and was forced to drink … after that my head sick and until now the pain in the head is getting more and more frequent … r nThe question: r n1. Are there any other effects when I fall while having my period? R n2. Is it dangerous for my head because of the more frequent headaches? R n3. Is it still safe for my head and uterus? Come to think of it, I’m still a girl

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Hello dear Freya, thank you for your question

Unfortunately you are not clear about the mechanics of the trauma you experienced, including which body parts were impacted after you fell. In principle, it is the area of ​​the body that has been hit that will cause symptoms. So, if you experience a head impact, especially if you are not wearing a helmet, you have the potential for minor head injury (concussion) to severe.

The following is a division of head injuries:

minor head injury - the patient's level of consciousness according to a scale (GCS) 13-15, generally head injuries are not permanent moderate head injuries - patients have a GCS of 9-12 severe head injuries - a patient's GCS is less than 8, which is often life threatening. examination to assess awareness by health workers based on the patient's ability to open eyes, make movements, and speak after being given stimulation. This parameter ranges from 3-15, of which 15 is the condition of a healthy person with good awareness. The lower the GCS a person has, the more likely it is that additional examinations will be carried out, either in the form of a head CT scan or MRI

Problems in the reproductive organs, especially those related to the hymen which are often identified with virginity, are not related to menstruation that you experienced during an accident. Accidents that occur during menstruation do not ensure that there will be a tear in the hymen, but the trauma mechanism plays an important role. Trauma to the genital area has the potential to cause this tear, although it is not always the case that there are women who have a more elastic hymen so that they are not easily torn.

If post-traumatic headaches are very annoying, it is better to see a doctor or the nearest hospital. Headaches that need to be watched out for are headaches accompanied by projectile vomiting (vomiting without being preceded by nausea), headaches that get worse over time, stiff neck, to seizures. While waiting for the doctor's examination and treatment, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as paracetamol, to relieve pain in the head.

Hope this information is useful

dr. LIli

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